By Patricia Hawke

The law of attraction is very closely related to elements of nature. Seeing a wolf in real life or in a dream can have many different meanings. Here are several of the many elements of our human essence that the wolf can represent:

  • Loyalty
  • Ritual
  • Spirit
  • Sharp instinct and intuition
  • Courage and strength
  • Success in endeavors
  • Commitment to and love of family
  • Craving for freedom
  • Sociable
  • Wisdom and intelligence

When you are putting the law of attraction into practice, you will encounter many obstacles that need to be addressed in order to manifest your dreams and desires. The wolf can be giving you a message of how to deal with these obstacles, whether they are coming at you from the physical world or your own thoughts and words that are seeding doubts and barriers to achieving your goals.

If when you see the wolf, you feel threatened, then check the following against where you are at in achieving your dreams and desires:

  • Do you have a lack of trust in yourself or someone else needed to reach your goal?
  • Perhaps you have placed your trust in someone or an event that is not what they seem to be.
  • It may be a warning to listen more to your intuition and put more trust in yourself.
  • You may have doubts and/or fears that are putting your goals in jeopardy.
  • It could be an omen of something you are not seeing, something important you are missing.
  • Perhaps someone or a situation has a threatening feel to it or making your feel vulnerable.
  • You could be dealing with some stiff competition or feel like a pack of wolves are after you.
  • It also may be a warning of your own predatory nature. Perhaps you are taking advantage of someone who cannot stand against you or say no to you. Put those skills to use in a positive manner for everyone if you really wish to manifest your dream.

Pay attention to what makes you feel threatened and make a plan to deal with the threat and eliminate it from your life in a positive manner. This will free up your psyche to allow the law of attraction to work toward achieving your desires.

If the wolf appears to you and you do not feel threatened, then its message may be telling you that:

  • You are able to make quick and good emotional attachments; so you can trust yourself.
  • You need to take control over your life and stop allowing others to direct it.
  • You may need time alone to yourself, to break away from the pack, allowing you time to reflect, build your confidence, and develop your composure.
  • You may be facing a current or soon-to-be challenge that you have the skills and emotional stamina with which to deal.
  • Perhaps you are being told to live your life more freely – get rid of some of the structure and planning; be more spontaneous.
  • The wolf also may be telling you that you are not being yourself – the person you are meant to be.

Paying close attention to the wolf, when and how it appeared, and your feelings during its appearance can direct you to its possible meaning and how it is affecting your manifesting ability. Of course, if you see a wolf in real life, put safety first. Then, you can analyze its appearance and what it means to your life.

When you work together with the wolf, practicing the law of attraction and manifesting your dreams and desires also come together for your success.