By Patricia Hawke

The butterfly carries with it several different meanings, depending on the perspective.

Native Americans see it as a symbol of vibrant joy, the ability to experience life with awe, and spreading beauty in our world.  It also represents finding joy in your life and to stop being so serious – lighten up.

In some cultures, the butterfly represents an emotional or spiritual transformation, spiritual rebirth, and creativity.

In the law of attraction, which is linked closely to nature, the butterfly represents the process of change and transformation in your life, usually on an interior basis, with endless potential.

The Caterpillar

The butterfly begins as an egg that hatches into a caterpillar.  It is at a stage of life before the beginning of its transformation, just crawling quietly along its journey, eating and resting. We humans have a tendency to do this, as well. We just float through life, taking it as comes without really thinking beyond tomorrow.

This is a phase of human transformation before we awaken to possibilities. Perhaps a friend gives us a book to read, we get more serious about our faith, or something else points us in a new direction of learning and growth potential. And like the caterpillar, we humans need to evolve and develop further.

The Cocoon

For a caterpillar, this stage of development means wrapping itself into a silk cocoon to further develop in its journey. For humans, it means to further develop our knowledge, to study, do further research, and build a foundation.

Many people believe the law of attraction is nothing more than reading a few how to’s and practicing them daily for a month or two. It is so much more than that. You need to learn about it, how it works and why, get rid of the negatives in your life and from your past that are holding your back, and so much more. And you need to allow your dreams to materialize through your own believing in and clarifying your desires.

The Butterfly

When the larva in the cocoon is fully developed, it transforms into a beautiful butterfly. This is what happens when your dreams come to fruition.

But even the transformation into a butterfly isn’t an easy one. The butterfly fights and claws at the outer shell of the cocoon to get free. Then, it has to allow its wings to dry in the sun before being able to unfold them and fly.

So too is our transformation. Whether a spiritual awakening or law of attraction fulfillment, once we have the information we need to transform, it can be an uphill battle. Why? Because like most humans, we fall back into old habits. It takes a lot of willpower and practice to overcome our old negative thinking and habits that hold us back. But once we do, like the larva in the cocoon, we transform into a beautiful butterfly and spread our wings to soar in life.

Seeing Butterflies Around You or In Your Dreams

Seeing butterflies constantly, in large groups or in your dreams is a message to you. Butterflies as a message represent:

  • Infinite potential,
  • Moving from one phase of life to another,
  • A reminder that life is short and you should enjoy it with more joy and awe – bring back that child-like wonderment (butterflies only live for a few weeks or months at most),
  • That you are or will be going through some important changes in life, especially emotionally or spiritually, or
  • A reminder that things will be good and beautiful again, when you are experiencing problems in your life.

If none of these representations make sense for your life right now, one or more may make sense soon. Look at your life to see where improvement is needed in order to move forward; where could you use the metamorphosis of a butterfly? Think emotionally, spiritually, and especially pay attention to your thoughts and the words you speak – are they positive or negative? What is holding you back from achieving your dreams and desires?

Like the metamorphosis of the butterfly, you too must go through changes for the law of attraction to manifest in your life.