Having had a fear of success and a need for other people’s approval, I’m now set to remove these blocks of negative energy. I started by discovering the root cause of my obstacles and created a new direction. But, sitting on this exciting news and keeping it to myself, does little to move any of the old stuff away. Now it’s time to take action.

I am the master of my life

I’ve decided to start with the Law of Creation. Words, in general, have ambiguous emotions attached to them. They only receive the meanings that we give them. The beauty of that is that I can totally design the words that define my life. In another way, I am the designer of my life. I always have been. I am the master over the emotions and definitions attached to the words that come into my life. If I don’t like them, I get to redefine them. That’s the first thing I am doing.

I realized this year that I was never the one to define what “Amount to Something” actually meant to me. This phrase was delivered negatively, it was put upon me and it was attached to me from an external source. Now is my time to create my own energy around the words.

What does it ‘actually’ mean to me to ‘amount to something’?

I wrote these words down on the top of a blank piece of paper. Then, I stopped and started to ponder the question. It is so easy to toss a dollar amount down and call it a day. But when I thought amount that number and what it would be – I realized that the number held zero meaning to me. Any number put down would be attainable, but I felt as though this definition was more focused on what other people would consider a successful goal. So, I decided to set the number aside and focus on what brought me joy energy in connection to the words ‘amount to something’.

This is what I wrote in the raw, starting with what I believe to journeying to the defining moment:

  1. I am in peace and joy. Things fall into place. I am excited for the day ahead. I focus on joyful possibilities and creating
  2. Financially, I have retirement savings, emergency savings and more funds abundantly flowing in with all money-due paid regularly. I am a person of abundance – I shift focus from always needing – to be in abundance receiving and being.
  3. Health & Fitness, I love starting my day with AM stretches, walking and seeing my day as fulfilling. Three-days a week strength training focus. I love eating healthy, salads and good food. I am a size 6, fit and loving my energy around good health. On Sunday mornings, kayaking, AM walks and connecting outside with nature – get out in this world.
  4. Balance & Fun – Get out and visit green markets, fairs and be out of my house doing enjoyable things – reading, writing, creating. I show up in my life excited to meet new people, get to know others more and enjoy blessing others while being blessed, too.
  5. Business. I have a business that has me laughing, giggling and being ‘in’ joy. I sit and smile at its creations and the results. The product marketing creation brings my team members excitement and joy. Team members join because they love the products, believe in the company’s mission and direction. They go beyond the hourly paycheck to grow LJT. They see me as the leader and believe in my vision. Customers show up with joy, get great value and benefits from our products and teachings. Skilled, talented and excited team members moving the growth forward and customers getting great joyful value and benefits. That’s the greatest feeling of accomplishment! That’s what it truly means to amount to something.

Upon completion of my list, I continued to write…

“I am excited to show that to ‘amount to something’ has zero to do with any set dollar amount. I have been chasing arbitrary figures and carrots for far too long. I’m excited to ‘be something’ that makes me proud of who I am – to be in ‘joy’.

Lord God, let’s you and I design a life that is me. To stop looking at others as though they’re paving the path of my life in concrete of ‘blah’.

My house is mismatched and cluttered. It’s ‘whatever has fit” design and furniture. My life is it in living visual code. Sitting and watching mindless television cannot be my life. Learning, exploring, creating and enjoying the moment is what my life is about. Teaching, creating content and discovering new joys – and in love and romance and I believe that’s the life for me.

As we grow, then BMW vehicles and a condo in Azure are great – but resetting my mindset to be a person of abundance who will naturally move into Azure, driving my new red BMW – let’s make me that person.

Amounting to Something – Defined.

It’s being the person who shows up in my life, being present, sitting in abundance and enjoys creating, learning, reading, being and discovering the awesome joy energies of this world.

This is mine. What is yours?