In January of this year, I went through the process of identifying a root obstacle between me and the success I desire. It was a wonderful experience. I learned that the obstacle was attached to constant words spoken throughout my life from age three to thirteen (read article here). I am now set to deactivate this magnet that was placed in my life and create a mind shift reset.

There are a million and one ways to complete this. I’m certain that there are several folks who’d come out of the woodwork to give some chant, card readings or anything else to move this. But I am going to work with the Laws of Manifestation that I know. To me, they are easy, relaxing and defining.

Using the Law of Creation to “Redesign my House”

Using the Law of Creation, I’m defining what the phrase “Amount to Something” means to me now. I am creating a list of defining statements that resonate with my spirit. I’ll use these to inspire and define my life. I’m calling it my ‘Designer-Life Creation’. I feel like I am an interior designer and my life is the house awaiting the redesign. The goal: to de-clutter and move things out that don’t align with my fresh vision.

Using the Law of Attraction to Activate my New Magnet

Using the Law of Attraction, I will use a new daily routine to reinforce my new vision. I will use a number of different tools to remind me of the new reality I desire. In this way, I will consistently show up. I will be constantly reminded of how awesome my new “higher level” reality is, and that it is actually who I really am.

Using the Law of Allowing to Bring Joy to the Process

With the Law of Allowing, I will show up in my new life that I designed, without being anxious about it. I will use my new routines, new tools, and a renewed energy of joy. I will step into my commitment to be present daily, to release fear-based thoughts, and to focus on meditative joy. And then, I will release all worry associated with this change. I know that as I act in faith, I will receive.

I Deserve This Life Changing Mindset Shift

I will take the steps necessary to make this shift because I have decided that I am not only worth it, but I deserve it. The little three-year-old to thirteen-year-old in me deserves me to be consistent, loving, and to follow-through on decisions. I can leave that old mind-set and magnet where it originated, in the past.

An Invitation to Redesign Your Own Life

I’m inviting you to come along with me on my journey. Know that you have the power to embark on your own life-defining journey. You deserve to design your own life, to achieve your dreams and to have your own success. You are worth it to show up. Are you ready?