November 30-Day Manifestation Challenge

November 30-Day Manifestation Challenge

Introduction Video

For the November 30-day manifestation challenge, I’m calling it the Helene Hadsell month.

Background Information

I was on YouTube and the short video below as a recommended challenge caught my attention. I listened to it and noticed that I was beaming with joy energy from the inside out. I thought, this is great. I found myself listening every day for a week. Then I realized that I was shifting my mood and my thinking after watching it. I showed it to three people shortly after thinking about making this our next challenge.  Their faces and responses screamed that I was on the right path.

The reason I like this month’s challenge is because they teach the nuts and bolts of all three of the Laws of Manifestation: Law of Creation, Law of Attraction and Law of Allow. Not only do the videos teach the laws in a very simplified formula, but Helene gives a lot of real life examples of how it worked. Her face, voice and being just beams the energy of joy, too.

Here in the USA, this month has a holiday where people tend to get busy. So I believe it’s the perfect month for this challenge. It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s informative.

The Specifics of the Challenge

  1. We’re going to watch one video every day for seven days. Then, I’ll post another video here on this page to watch for the next seven days and so on and so forth. We’ll have a total of four videos (actually 5 to 6 with choices) to watch.
  2. Write down your intention for this month.  Put it on an index card.
  3. After watching your daily video, read (see, feel and believe) your intention card.

The desired results are that by the end of the month, you’ll be filled with joy energy in time for the USA holiday, you’ll have the repetition of Helen’s steps that you can apply them with your own intentions and you will see proof (evidence) of the Laws working in your life.

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Did You Know?




Choose one of the two videos below.  They’re similar but one is shorter. You can also switch off each day.

Video Option 1 for Week 1

The above is 13:15 minutes

Video Option 2 for Week 1

The above video is 29.23 minutes (the thumbnail shows no video but click play and you’ll see it)



Choose one of the video below.





Choose one of the video below.





Choose one of the video below.




Manifesting Mind Shifts

Manifesting Mind Shifts

Change. Often, we hunger for it. We want a new job, house, car. Or, perhaps we long for improved relationships or increased income. Maybe we are anxious to remove habits that no longer serve us. When we are trying to change, attract or alter anything within our lives, we first start with the decision about what generally we want to change. After that, we drill down to the details, and get specific – very specific – about what it is exactly we desire.

At this point, many people will write the list and then never think it will happen. Or, like me, they are workaholics who dive in with everything they must do. Often these workaholics either give up or get sick from overworking themselves. Neither of these approaches will work to create your desired outcomes.

After defining what exactly is wanted, the correct next step is to create a vision (or a movie) of the outcome as if you are living it right now in your mind. While creating this vision, feel it, see it and be in the moment as it is happening. To keep this vision and associated feelings in front of you day after day, align yourself with prompts. These can be words, visual graphics, notifications on your phone, or any other reminder you can think of that will change your environment and remind you to stay in that emotional joyous state you felt in the vision you created of the outcome you want. The goal is to consistently feel as if what you want has already happened.

Words of Affirmations are typically useful for aligning your mind with the belief of your desires. When I am using affirmations, I put them as phone or calendar reminders, computer desktop display images, or change my Facebook profile. Because I like to design and create, I will create visual objects to have everywhere to help me connect regularly. I create posters and put them up on my ceiling above my bed and on my vision wall. I create affirmation books to have by my computer, in my purse, by my journal, by my bed. I create pens and notebooks to keep my mind focused while writing or during journal time. I create mugs, pillows and home décor for the very purpose of shifting my mind. In my prayer chair right now has a pillow that says, “Best Day Ever”. In my office, my guest chair has a pillow on it that faces me that says, “Love You More” as a note to myself to love myself more.

I know that a shifted mind focuses on the objects, people and experiences that it desires to create. A focused mind – manifests them into reality.

I have started to take my tools to manifest for myself and make them available for everyone. That’s why I don’t say that I sell pens, books, pillows and other objects, but instead I say, “I create manifesting tools.

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