Purposely Manifesting the Life You Desire Classes – 2019 West Palm Beach

Purposely Manifesting the Life You Desire Classes – 2019 West Palm Beach

IN PERSON CLASSES MONTHLY AVAILABLE – Join the Meetup.com group today! 

This group is for all skill levels. Beginners who are new to manifesting (law of attraction) and want to learn. Advanced folks who have been using the laws for years may join to come back to center and re-remember the truths to get their focus re-energized.

There will be four class days to choose your preference. Each class will meet once a month to learn, discuss and leave with actual strategies to use until we meet again next month.

• The cost for each student is $32 per class. (cash or credit)

• Classes will be on Tuesdays from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

• You choose which Tuesday night works best for you. These are monthly classes.

• Located 5-seconds Near 95 Exists for 45th Street in West Palm Beach.

• Course Material will be Provided. Bring notebooks, pens, open mind, expectant spirit and believing heart. 🙂

• Water will, also, be provided.

The group will be led by Beth Varian, the Joyful Manifestor. Beth discovered ‘thought creating reality’ when she was about 8 years old. She has used the laws many years before “The Secret” was first created. For over a year, she’s been teaching online and in a Facebook Group. Beth has published two manifesting adult coloring books and one manifesting challenge book (all available on Amazon) plus numerous mind shift products. Additionally, outside speakers will be invited to come.

This is a spiritual meet-up. No one religion will be represented but many will be used in the teachings as given examples.

This is NOT a meet-up with the goal of selling more expensive coaching courses, sessions or services. Beth is a teacher not a coach. Coaches, however, may come to speak on occasion for added benefits.

Students will agree to be respectful of the beliefs of others. Understand if a label is used that they don’t use, they’ll simply switch it out mentally for their preferred one. To be prompt and cooperative with each other. We are creating a collective conscious when we come together to learn and grow. Let’s do so with the energy of joy, love and understanding. 😊

A course outline will be added with each class event added to the group. God Bless & Namaste