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Keeping consistent with our purpose to inject ‘JOY’ into the lives of others, we are consistently designing new products to keep and bless others with to focus on the joys of life.  Beth authors various books as manifesting tools.


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Keeping Focus Where We Desire Our Lives to Grow

Live Joy Today’s purpose is to teach, create and promote mindset shifts for navigating the journey of life with the focus on joy energy. Beth Varian, the Joyful Manifestor, produces teaching videos, leads our community in a Facebook Group, and creates products to help keep our thoughts and lives focused on ‘joy’.

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Beth Varian

Beth Varian has been intentionally creating life since she was around 8 years old. Throughout life, she began learning the principles behind her experiences.

Energy Vibration 101

This is a topic that MUST be learned if you’re going to manifest your life.

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November 30-Day Manifestation Challenge

November 30-Day Manifestation Challenge

Introduction Video For the November 30-day manifestation challenge, I'm calling it the Helene Hadsell month. Background Information I was on YouTube and the short video below as a recommended challenge caught my attention. I listened to it and noticed that I was...

Network Marketing – How to Manifest Your Team

Network Marketing – How to Manifest Your Team

Elizabeth, the Joyful Manifestor was invited to speak to a Le-Vel Team Call to teach them about Manifesting Business Success.  She gave them very specific strategies on how to use the three laws (Law of Creation, Law of Attraction & Law of Allow) to build their...


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